Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay my bill ?


GO GREEN - If you would like to receive your invoice by email it will be linked to our "Pay Online" button at the bottom of the email.  This is a super easy and secure 2 step process to set up a credit card or bank transfer payment. Or.... I can mail your invoice to you, whichever you prefer.  

Other options: 

You can mail your payments to Aspen Trash, P.O. Box 744 Carbondale, COLORADO 81623

We can also set you up on a reoccurring payment cycle using your credit card. To do this call me at (970) 948-9490. I will debt you credit card each quarter and email you a receipt. Just one less thing to think about.   

Who can I call to Compost ?


Our local compost company is EverGreen Zero Waste they offer residential, business and special event collection from Glenwood Springs to Aspen.  Call Alyssa at (970) 987-3140 or visit their website at

What is considered yard waste ?


Yard waste IS: bagged leaves or grass (no more than 15 lbs. per bag) and bundled tree trimmings. 

Yard waste IS NOT:  Construction materials, dirt, rocks, sod, hay/straw, stumps, large branches or lumber, animal feces including horse manure, dead animals (hunting carcasses). 

See the link to the City of Aspens website on our Recycling Guidelines page for information on how and where to recycle your yard waste.

What can I do with household hazardous materials ?


Per the City of Aspen: Household hazardous materials such as paint, household cleaners, pesticides, gasoline, driveway sealer, etc., cannot be collected by the private haulers. For more information on disposing of items not considered household trash contact the Aspen/Pitkin County Landfill at (970) 923-3487.

What goes in my trash container and where can I buy a bear proof trash can?

We take regular household waste ONLY. Do not fill your cart with snow or heavy wet trash.  We do have to be able to physically lift your can.   

What about large appliances and large item like mattresses?

NO, we do not pick up large items.  Check with Habitat for Humanity or the local thrift store if the item is useable.  They do great things with the money locally. Or try Roaring Fork Swap on Facebook.  It's a great way to recycle usable items for free or to make a little money.


Due to Bear ordinances in Aspen and surrounding areas we no longer provide trash containers for curbside service.  For Bear Proof containers we recommend ACE Hardware in Aspen, COLORADO (970) 925-3031 .  They deliver for free and have a wide selection of ASPEN & Pitkin County approved BEAR PROOF containers. They are a great locally owned company.